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Where are you located?

  • We are conveniently located in Sacramento, CA near Highway 99.

Hours of operation?

  • Rentals Monday-Friday. Sales by appointment only.

When can we pick up our rental?

  • Pickup time: 10:30 am-5:00 pm (early pickups must be authorized first). Pickup times are not guaranteed. Pickup times are based on our schedule the day of your rental.

  • Drop-off time: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm ($50 per hr. late fee)

Much like a hotel’s check out time, we have pick-up/drop-off times in order to allow time to thoroughly clean the RV before other guests arrive for their reservations.


Do you offer a discount for longer rentals?

  • Yes, the longer you rent, the greater the discount will be. Discounts are applied to rentals after 7 nights. Please contact us for an estimate.

Is there a minimum age for renting an RV/Trailer?

  • You must be 25 years or older to rent.

Whats required to reserve?

  • We require a $200 down payment to secure a reservation. Units are not reserved until the reservation deposit has been paid. Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis.

Do you require a security deposit?

  • Travel Trailers and RV's: $1000

  • The security deposit will be held for the duration of your rental period.

I have never rented before

  • We do a complete inside and outside walk through with you to familiarize you with your rental.

Do you offer a cancellation policy?

  • More than 30 days prior to reservation: you will be refunded your down payment minus a a $50 processing fee.

  • Less than 30-10 days prior to reservation date: the down payment is non-refundable. (We will however apply the entire reservation deposit to a future RV rental within one year of the original reservation date if reservation cancelled 10-30 days prior).

  • Less than 10 days prior to reservation date: full deposit forfeiture. 

Can I bring my pets on my rental?

  • Dogs:  We are pet friendly. We do not up-charge if you bring pets. We do ask that you notify us if you plan on bringing your pets aboard. If the unit is returned with signs of pets such as pet hairs, pet damage, and/or odors, you will be charged to clean and remove odors accordingly separate from the standard cleaning fee (typically $150 charge to remove pet hair/odors).

How does insurance work with an RV rental? What do I need to have?

  • Most insurance companies will cover you through your own vehicle insurance policy, either for free or at a nominal cost. You must have full coverage for collision, comprehensive, and liability that extends to your rental if you will be providing a binder/certificate. We will provide you with the specifics of the unit, and your agent must then provide us with a binder or certificate of insurance naming the year, make, model, and Vin. number of the RV, as well as naming us an additionally insured.

  • If your insurance will not cover the vehicle, you can purchase insurance from us. Average cost is approximately $22-$29 per day for motorhomes. Travel trailers are insured and no additional insurance is required. 

  • Insurance companies that provide coverage: AAA, Allstate, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, USAA, and 21st Century.

Does renting an RV require a special driver’s license?

  • A standard, valid driver’s license allows you to drive any RV that is 40 feet or less in length. However, you do need to be 25 years or older.

Are there any restrictions as to where we can go in one of your rentals?

  • Our units are not allowed anywhere outside the United States.

  • Our units are not allowed at Burning Man. Failure to follow our restrictions will result in full forfeiture of your security deposit, an additional charge, and repossession of your rental.

Do you offer refunds of any kind?

  • We do not refund for unused days or for lost vacation time.

Will there be any additional charges throughout the duration of my trip?

  • There is a $50.00 setup fee added to all RV/Trailer Rentals.

  • Propane: Propane is needed to operate your cook top, the refrigerator, your water heater and the furnace. You have two options (Must specify at departure):

  1. Hassle free propane : $40. You are not responsible to refill tanks. 

  2. No fee: propane tanks go out full and come back full. If propane tank is not full, a $50 dollar fee will be deducted from your deposit to refill propane tank/s.

  • Generator:

  • Portable Trailer Generator charge is $25 per day. Under no circumstances will the generator be transported inside the rental. 

  • Motorhome Generator: $4.00 per hour. 4 hrs included per night at no charge.

  • Fuel: Motorhome must be brought back with a full tank of gas. If the fuel level is lower than what you left with, you will be charged a $25 service fee plus $6.00 per gallon of fuel to bring it up to the original amount.

  • Dumping: Let us dump for a small fee or dump yourself and save $35.00.

  1. Hassle free dump: We charge $35 to dump and sanitize.​

  2. Dump with our provided sewage hoses and avoid paying $35.00.

  • Late Fees: Because your RV can be reserved for another family the same day you return it, you will be charged a late fee if you do not return it during the designated drop-off time. Any late fee charges will be a minimum of $50 per hour or an additional day.

  • Smoking: Smoking is not allowed under any circumstance. Any evidence of tobacco smoke will result in the loss of the rental customer’s security deposit.

  • Linens: Our units have no linens inside of them. Bring your own.

What is included with my rental?

  • Our units come equipped with toilet paper, wheel chocks, water hose, sewage hose.

  • You can purchase a convenience kit for $60 which will include silverware, cups, plates, pots/pans, knife set, cooking utensils, toaster, coffee maker/filters, stick lighter, bottle opener, can opener, wine opener, cleaning supplies(spray,paper towels, sponge, dish soap, trash bags , dustpan/broom and a mop/bucket).

What do we do if we encounter a problem during our trip?

  • Contact us at (916)596-6866

    • Any problems or questions are welcomed

    • A Family Affair RV Rentals, LLC. will provide a clean unit to every renter.  All units will be in operating condition and are serviced per manufacturer recommendations.  In the event the unit requires any work/service/repair during the rental, the renter agrees to contact A Family Affair RV Rentals, LLC. for approval.  If the unit becomes inoperable for more than 24 hours, our liability to the renter is limited to the daily rental rate times the number of days the unit is inoperable.  We are not responsible for any additional costs or losses due to the units in-operation.  Lastly, in the event the unit is inoperable for the next scheduled renter, A Family Affair RV Rentals, LLC. is only responsible for refunding the entire reservation deposit.  We are not responsible for any losses or costs associated with the units cancellation.

    • *It is the responsibility of the renter to check and maintain all fluid levels and tire pressure during the rental period.

What is the process for returning our rental?

  • All RV rentals must be returned as clean as when they checked out if you wish to have your cleaning fee refunded. If propane is not full, you will be charged $40. If holding tanks are not empty, you will be charged $35 dumping fee.

  • thethe lot.

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