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Bike Rack $25.00 (Per trip)

Rent a bike rack for either a RV or a Travel Trailer. Bring up to four bikes along with your rental.

Convenience kit $60.00 (Per trip)

You can purchase a convenience kit for $60 which will include silverware, cups, plates, pots/pans, knife set, cooking utensils, toaster, coffee maker/filters, stick lighter, bottle opener, can opener, wine opener, cleaning supplies(spray,paper towels, sponge, dish soap, trash bags , dustpan/broom and a mop/bucket).

Propane $40.00

We will refill your propane tanks after your done with the unit. 

Dumping $35.00

Don't want to dump? No worries, we will dump and sanitize for you.

Cleaning $90.00

Don't want to clean after a long trip? Let us clean for you.

*Must be purchased prior to rental departure.

On-site Delivery

Don't have a tow vehicle? Want the trailer delivered to a campground or lake of your choice? No problem. We charge $1.50 per mile with a minimum delivery of $150. Delivery fees do not include campground fees or launch fees. 

*$35 will be charged for dumping and $40 for propane. Renter responsible for cleaning. Additional $90 will be charged for uncleaned units.


Are you dry camping? Rent a Generator for $25 per day with unlimited hour usage. (Trailer Only)

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