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How do I reserve my trailer/RV?

  • Check availability on the unit you're looking to rent through our booking system.

  • ​Fill out the form with all of your information. You need to pay $200 to reserve your unit. 

  • When do I pay for my rental?

  • ​ Remaining balance and security deposit will be charged 2 days before your trip. We require security deposit and rental payment before any unit leaves our facility. Reservation payment will be applied to rental.

What do I need to tow?

  • A minimum of a 1/2 ton or equivalent is required to tow our larger units. ​

  • Our smaller units may be towed with smaller vehicles. Please verify your vehicle with us prior to reserving.

  • Your vehicle must be equipped with a brake controller for any RV rental and 7 way RV trailer connector.

  • We will provide distribution hitches if applicable.

Renters insurance.

  • Your vehicle must be fully insured. 

  • You must provide us with an insurance binder from your insurance company listing our unit and us as additionally insured.

  • The binder must be on your insurance letterhead and show collision and comprehensive coverage.

  • If your vehicle insurance does not provide additional insurance for your rental, you must purchase insurance from us before the rental is released. 

Additional requirements:

  • Renter must be 25 years of age or older.

  • Must have valid drivers license, current vehicle registration under renters name and current full coverage insurance.

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